The importance of knowing exactly what your biggest purchases history is- is almost just as important as the sale price. Your home is your sanctuary. Committing to those walls is a make or break to not just your wallet, but your health.

You get an ownership history report when buying a used car. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing when shopping for a home? There are many typical variables when making any home purchase like the location, school districts, size, yard, and so on. It’s never on the top of the list to ask for the history of the home or even worry too much about it after it passes inspection.

However, what if your home inspection missed something big? Like a well-hidden toxin? The most commonly overlooked element when looking at a home is water. Water damage can occur from a number of sources inside and outside the home. Typical water damage inside the home can happen when dishwashers or washing machine hoses rupture, causing living areas to fill with water. More serious water damage can occur from floods, severe storms, and natural disasters. 

There are plenty of resources out there to help your walls talk. A great tool to start with is an ERMI test. The ERMI is readily available for purchase and is more telling than a real state agent. Also, home inspectors don’t raise alarm at the sight of mold and typically don’t know what to look for in case there is mold. It’s much better to do your homework much like test driving a car.