San Diego Mold Inspections

Feel confident in our thorough and comprehensive approach

Most San Diego mold inspection companies do just that: inspect for mold. As far as we are concerned, that's only a small portion of the job.

Our company culture is about helping people. Helping them understand what happened. Helping them understand how to fix it. Helping them understand how to move forward.

It's our responsibility as experts to share our knowledge and help our clients with more than simply testing for mold.  Here's how we do it:


LEARN:  You, the client, are the most valuable resource we have when it comes to understanding the issue at hand. We spend time with you on the phone and in person to learn all we can about not only the current issue, but also any other potentially hidden problems your home or building may have that you may not be aware of.  

INVESTIGATE:  With your observations as a guide we do our own thorough assessment of the property. We start on the outside and investigate the landscaping, drainage, building envelope, and potential pollutants. We then move inside to inspect all water sources (sinks, humidifiers, bathrooms) and identify any evidence of visible water damage or mold growth. 

ANALYZE:  After completing steps 1 & 2 we now have a good idea of where the problem originated and how it has migrated throughout your property. Next we utilize tools like infrared cameras and moisture meters to confirm our hypothesis and develop a customized testing methodology.

EDUCATE:  Next we share with you our assessment of the issue and property. We take time to explain the source of the moisture intrusion and how our readings show it has migrated throughout your property. Once you have a solid understanding of our initial findings we then share our recommended testing strategy, and together we decide how to proceed. 

TEST:  There are many ways to test for mold and allergens in the indoor environment, and we are certified and experienced in them all. But not all molds are equal. What separates us from other companies is our progressive approach to testing. Where is the source of mold growth? What type of molds are growing? What species of the molds are present? Do these species produce dangerous toxins that are invading your indoor environment? 

We utilize in-depth sampling methodologies that answer these questions, because sometimes simply knowing mold is present isn't enough, especially if negative health effects are part of the equation. Our testing strategies and procedures provide the full picture of what molds are present, where they have proliferated, and how they may be effecting your health. 

REPORT:  A third party accredited laboratory analyzes our samples and identifies the types of molds or pathogens that are present in your home or building. Our certified experts then review the lab results, determine the various molds and pathogens that you have been exposed to, and outline a specific itemized plan on how to clean and/or remove the contaminants from your property. 

Our reports are an invaluable resource when provided to your doctor to determine the potential health effects of your indoor environment. They are so comprehensive, that they have even been used as evidence in litigation to confirm the presence of pathogens and if they were addressed in the correct manner. 

REVIEW:  We understand how confusing a report full of scientific jargon can be. That's why we don't just hand it to you and walk away. We want you to truly understand what's going on in your home or building. We take all the time that is necessary, either on the phone or in person, to explain every item contained in our extensive reports and what they mean for you and your family.

GUIDE:  We are there to guide you every step of the way through this troublesome time. That means making our professional network of service providers available to you for consideration to remedy your contaminated environment, including companies specializing in remediation, plumbing, HVAC / air conditioning, and more. We also provide post remediation verification services to ensure that the cleaning and removal of contaminated and impacted building materials was properly completed and that your home or office has been returned to a healthy, normal fungal ecology.