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REAL LIFE mold situations to help educate how to identify and address your own mold issue.

Live Look - Cluttered Cabinet Hiding Mold

For many reasons, clutter is our enemy when it comes to mold prevention. In this case, we show how a cluttered cabinet is hiding the presence of black mold.

Live Look - Following the Path of Mold Growth

A comprehensive and thorough initial visual assessment is the most important part of the mold inspection and remediation process. Without it, proper remediation protocol cannot be created, and the potential for undiscovered source areas of mold is likely. 

This video is a great example of how following the path of suspect mold growth led us to a completely different room that ultimately appears to be the result of the same source mold issue.

Live Look - Mold Growth Behind Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a moisture barrier. Meaning that moisture cannot easily pass through the wallpaper. Instead, it wallpaper traps moisture between it and the wall which can result in mold growth. This video shows an example of black mold growth found behind wallpaper.

Live Look - Mold That Lurks Under Kitchen Appliances

We always say, when you purchase a new home you inherit its history. A way for us to learn that history is by investigating and testing for mold under kitchen appliances. These are areas that are rarely cleaned and provide a historical view of what a home has previously been exposed to.

Live Look - How Poor Drainage Can Lead to Mold Growth

All of our inspections begin on the exterior of the home where we look for any pathways of water intrusion that may impact the interior resulting in mold or black mold. This video shows how poor HVAC drainage could result in water damage and mold growth, negatively impacting indoor air quality.

Live Look - Mold in HVAC System

Mold can harbor in dirt and dust for extended periods of time. When a HVAC system is compromised by mold, it can create allergy symptoms, mold exposure symptoms, and even black mold symptoms for the occupants of the building.

Live Look - Post Mold Remediation Inspections

It is critical to have a post remediation inspection after any mold removal has been completed. This check and balance is necessary to ensure cleaning is done properly. This video shows how obvious mold was overlooked by the mold remediation company, and would've been covered up if we hadn't identified the issue.

Live Look - Mold Behind Walls

Identifying indicators of water intrusion is a critical step to protecting your home from mold. This video shows how subtle cracking in a wall lead us to the discovery of mold.

Live Look - Beware of Contractors Removing Mold

Remediation is a specialized area of expertise. General contractors are NOT QUALIFIED to handle mold remediation. We know you may be tempted to use a general contractor to keep costs down, but you may end up spending more money in the end to fix the problems they create.

Live Look - Uncovering Hidden Water Events

A comprehensive visual inspection is critical to identifying source areas of potential mold growth. In this video, we show how a small clue led to a discovery of a much larger water issue.